Starry crystal Bracelet ✨🌙🌌

Starry crystal Bracelet ✨🌙🌌

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Pietersite Bead Size

Crystals : 
  1. Pietersite 🌈: Imagine the night sky in motion – that's the energy of Pietersite. As a stone of transformation, it mirrors the ever-changing night canvas. Embrace its essence and let it guide you through new beginnings, just as stars emerge in the night, painting the sky anew.

  2. Golden Mica 🌟: Like the stars that twinkle against the darkness, Golden Mica brings a radiant energy. Its shimmering golden flecks symbolize the potential within you to shine. Wear it to enhance self-confidence, encouraging positive transformations in your life.

  3. Citrine ☀️: Radiating like the moonlight's glow, Citrine is a stone of joy and abundance. Its warm energy mirrors the gentle luminosity of the night sky. Allow it to amplify creativity, attract success, and infuse your life with positivity.

  4. Tiger Eye 🐅: The deep, enchanting hues of Tiger Eye resonate with the profound mysteries of the cosmos. It embodies the courage and strength needed to navigate life's challenges, much like the resilience required to explore the universe. Let it ground you and provide balance as you journey through life.

  5. Kyanite 🔷: The tranquil beauty of the night is captured in the serene essence of Kyanite. Just as stars communicate silently through their light, Kyanite fosters clear communication and aligns your chakras. It serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty in calmness.

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