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Hong Zhong Red Dragon (MJ series)

Hong Zhong Red Dragon (MJ series)

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Red Dragon (hong Zhong) represents good fortune and benevolence.

🌿💠 Yan Yuan Agate, a tranquil beauty in shades of green, is a stone of balance and protection. Its energy is like a soothing breeze, promoting harmony and emotional well-being. Yan Yuan Agate is believed to enhance stability and resilience, making it a grounding companion for those navigating life's changes. This unique agate variety is a symbol of natural grace and serenity.

🍂🔴 Red Agate, a fiery gem of strength and vitality, captivates with its rich hues. It is revered for its grounding energy and ability to enhance stability. Red Agate is thought to promote courage and self-confidence, making it a powerful talisman during times of challenge. With its vibrant energy, it encourages passion and motivation on the journey of personal growth.

🔴🌌 Red Hematoid, a grounding force with a touch of mystique, is a crystal of transformation and balance. Its deep red tones resonate with the root chakra, fostering a sense of security and stability. Red Hematoid is believed to help release self-imposed limitations, encouraging personal growth and empowerment. This captivating crystal inspires courage and determination as it guides you through the journey of self-discovery.

🌞💎 Citrine, the golden luminary, radiates warmth and positivity. Known as the "Merchant's Stone," it attracts abundance, success, and prosperity. Its sunny energy dispels negativity, fostering an environment of optimism and joy. Citrine's vibrant glow encourages creativity and self-expression, making it a favorite for those on a journey of personal and professional growth. As a crystal of clarity, it illuminates the path to success with a golden hue.

*Mahjong charms only available in gold tone


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