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Fa Cai Green Dragon (MJ series)

Fa Cai Green Dragon (MJ series)

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Green Dragon (Fa Cai) represents prosperity and wealth.

🌿💚 Malachite, with its rich green hues resembling lush foliage, is celebrated for its emotional healing properties. Believed to absorb negative energies, it acts as a guardian for the heart, promoting emotional balance and transformation. This striking stone is revered for its protective nature, shielding against the evil eye and ushering in positive life changes. 

🌅💛 Amber, a golden gem from nature's treasury, is cherished for its multifaceted benefits. Known to provide a natural energy boost, it serves as a beacon of warmth and joy, alleviating fatigue. Emotionally, it soothes and calms, offering a respite from daily stresses. Often associated with pain relief, Amber helps to ease various discomforts.

💰🌳 Green Mica, resembling nature's own artwork, is a crystal of abundance and tranquility. Harnessing the energy of lush landscapes, it attracts wealth and prosperity while fostering emotional balance. Grounded in nature's embrace, Green Mica promotes a sense of peace and a deep connection to the Earth.

🌞💎 Citrine, the radiant "Merchant's Stone," is a beacon of positivity and creativity. With its sunny disposition, Citrine attracts abundance and prosperity, making it a cherished companion for success. Its positive energy dispels negativity, promoting an optimistic outlook. Embracing the warm glow of creativity, Citrine encourages self-expression and motivation on life's journey. 


*Mahjong charms only available in gold tone


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