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Lucky Clover Jade Bracelet *Grade A*

Lucky Clover Jade Bracelet *Grade A*

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*Standard size is 14.5cm - we will use hardware to increase to your bracelet size

For additional top up jade beads - can kindly dm us on instagram 

Grade A Jade

- Pine, Lavende and white jade

  1. Emotional Balance: 😌

    • Jade is believed to help balance emotions and promote inner peace, reducing stress and anxiety.
  2. Physical Healing: 🩹

    • It is thought to have healing properties, aiding in recovery from injuries and illnesses.
  3. Harmony and Balance: ☯️

    • Jade is associated with balance and harmony in life, promoting a sense of equilibrium.
  4. Protection: 🛡️

    • Many people believe jade offers protection from negative energies and harm.
  5. Luck and Prosperity: 🍀💰

    • Jade is considered a lucky stone that can attract wealth and prosperity.
  6. Heart Health: ❤️

    • Some traditions suggest that jade can support heart health and improve circulation.
  7. Enhanced Creativity: 🎨

    • It's believed to stimulate creativity and help with problem-solving.
  8. Spiritual Growth: 🧘‍♂️

    • Jade is often used for spiritual purposes, aiding in meditation and spiritual growth.
  9. Longevity: 🕰️

    • In Chinese culture, jade is associated with longevity and is often referred to as the "Stone of Heaven."
  10. Beauty and Youthfulness: 💆‍♀️

    • Jade rollers and facial tools are used for skincare, promoting youthful and radiant skin.
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