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Black Panther 2.0

Black Panther 2.0

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Titanium Gold Rutilated Bead Size

Please note the Titanium Rutilated Quartz as per displayed pic is 14-15mm
  1. Titanium Rutilated Quartz ✨🌟: Amplifies energy, aids in spiritual growth, enhances intuition, and promotes clarity of thought.

  2. Obsidian 🌑🔮: Offers protection from negative energies, assists in self-reflection, helps release emotional blockages, and fosters grounding.

  3. Tiger Eye 🐅👁️: Boosts confidence and willpower, promotes mental clarity, and provides protection against negativity.

  4. Hematite 🌌⚖️: Enhances focus and concentration, supports grounding and balance, and encourages courage and strength.

  5. Smoky Quartz 🌫️🔥: Absorbs and transmutes negative energies, promotes emotional calmness, and enhances psychic protection.

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