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Bai Ban White Dragon (MJ series)

Bai Ban White Dragon (MJ series)

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White Dragon (Bai Ban) represents purity and innocence.

🌞💎 Citrine, the golden luminary, radiates warmth and positivity. Known as the "Merchant's Stone," it attracts abundance, success, and prosperity. Its sunny energy dispels negativity, fostering an environment of optimism and joy. Citrine's vibrant glow encourages creativity and self-expression, making it a favorite for those on a journey of personal and professional growth. As a crystal of clarity, it illuminates the path to success with a golden hue.

🕊️🤍 White Agate, like a serene dove, is a stone of balance and harmony. Its gentle energy promotes stability and composure during challenging times. White Agate is known to enhance mental clarity and encourage peaceful communication. Embracing this crystal is like a breath of fresh air, bringing tranquility to the mind and a sense of purity to the spirit.

🌕🌈 Moonstone, with its ethereal glow, is a talisman of intuition and new beginnings. Associated with the lunar energy, it harmonizes emotions and enhances psychic abilities. Moonstone is believed to bring forth positive change and guide one through the cycles of life. As a symbol of feminine energy, it encourages inner growth and emotional balance, making it a cherished companion on the journey of self-discovery.


*Mahjong charms only available in gold tone


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