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Daisy and Donald Duck Crystal

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CUTENESS OVERLOAD ALERT!!!! ♥♥♥♥ Adopt one of these cuties home!!!

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1. Sunstone(Confidence and Fortune)
A light-inspiring stone. It has a profound connection with the regenerative powers of the sun. It clears all the chakras and brings good fortune to its owners. Sunstone is an excellent anti-depressant and helps to lift dark moods. It reverses feelings of failure and increases self-worth and confidence.

2. Amazonite (Love and Positivity)
Amazonite dissipates negative energies and protects against electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution. Psychologically, it helps to filter information passing through the brain and removes negative thoughts and patterns. It alleviates emotional trauma, worries and fears and invokes universal love in all. Amazonite crystal benefits all levels of consciousness and is an excellent stone for meditation

3. Amethyst (Wisdom and Anti-Stress)
A stone of "wisdom". Amethyst helps to improve memory and facilitates decision making. Its calming energy dispels negative emotions like rage, anxiety and anger, thus reducing stress. It also helps improve your career and wealth prospects.

4. Flourite (Calmness and Protection)
Fluorite is a highly protective stone especially on the psychic level. It cleanses and stabilises the aura and is extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress. Fluorite also corrects geopathic stress and heals the earth. Psychologically, Fluorite dissolves fixed-pattern behaviours and dissipates repressed feelings. This is an excellent stone to balance the body, mind and soul.