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Bisque (Confidence, Happiness and Peace)

Bisque (Confidence, Happiness and Peace)

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 Sakura Agate

Blossom to your highest self with Sakura Agate. This gorgeous stone, with pale pink flowers, protects us from self-doubt and increases our confidence, spurring us to reach our highest potential. Like a field of pretty flowers, it brings us much calm, joy and peace.

Freshwater Pearls (Kindly note that there are Natural Markings on the pearls as they are natural)

Symbolize Purity, Transformation, Honesty, Wisdom and Integrity. It is known to be calming and helps one manage the temper, useful in strengthening relationships. This iridescent beauty helps improve memory and concentration. It is also believed to treat digestive disorders and the soft organs of the body.

Peach Moonstone

It promotes intuition by increasing your physic awareness. It also calms the mind and promotes a sense of peace and happiness. It also helps with PMS, fertility and childbirth. Its feminine energy helps balances the female hormones to heal skin diseases and hair loss. It also helps the digestive system and the assimilation of nutrients. Moonstone also helps to eliminate toxins and fluid retention.

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