Crystal Library - Kunzite

Chinese Name




Metaphysics Properties

Kunzite stimulates the heart chakra and induces unconditional love. It can be used to free up emotional debris, healing trauma and heartache. Kunzite also protects against negativity and ill-wishing. It protects the aura from bad vibes as well as from geopathic stress. Kunzite encourages self-expression and is useful to combine intellect, intuition and inspiration.

Healing Properties

Kunzite strengthens the heart and improves blood circulation. It calms epilepsy and is helpful to conditions affecting the nerves, such as neuralgia. It is commonly used to reduce stress and helps the physical body to recover from chronic illness.

Additional Information

A relatively young gemstone, Kunzite has only been known for about a hundred years. George Frederick Kunz, an American gemstone specialist, who was the first to identify it in 1902 and hence, the gemstone was named after its discoverer.

Kunzite gets its lilac-pink hues from the presence of manganese. Gem quality kunzite is pleochroic meaning it exhibits two different shades when viewed at two different angles ie its colour changes from a pastel-pink to a violet purple depending on where it is viewed. The Smithsonian Gallery houses a faceted 880-carat heart-shaped Kunzite in its collection.

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