Crystal Library - Jade

Chinese Name



Metaphysics Properties

Jade is associated with the heart chakra and is known to foster wholesome and steady growth of one’s chi, or life-force energies. It releases negative thoughts, soothes the mind and promotes love and harmony. Jade promotes creativity and stimulates constructive ideas and is commonly known to be a stone of Wisdom.

Healing Properties

Jade helps remove toxins and balances the fluids in the body. It treats the kidneys and supra-adrenal glands. Jade is also known to assist in fertility and childbirth.

Additional Information
The name Jade is derived from the Spanish ‘piedra de la ijada’ which means ‘stone of the flank’. In a later French translation, the term was misprinted and became ‘pierre de jade’.

Highly esteemed in the East for thousands of years, this greatly valued stone was revered for its beauty, healing and protective powers. Confucius believed that it had properties encouraging purity, beauty and honesty. It was widely used to heal the spleen and kidneys. When grounded to powder, it was believed to strengthen the lungs, heart, vocal chords and to prolong life. Ancient Greeks used its soothing and healing colour for eye problems.

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